Raksha Bandhan – Festival of Brotherhood & Love

RakshaBandhan - Festival of Brotherhood & Love

Raksha Bandhan – It is a festival of siblings that is popular mainly in the Hindus, but it celebrates the people of all religions of India with the same enthusiasm and spirit. The whole atmosphere of this day is worth seeing in India and yes, it is a special day that is made for the brothers and sisters.

In India, the role of love and duty among brothers and sisters is not a commitment of one day but due to the historical and religious significance of the Raksha Bandhan, this day has become so important. This festival is celebrated with great joy even today.

This festival, celebrated on the full moon day of Hindu Shravan month (July-August), is a symbol of love towards brothers and sisters. On the Raksha Bandhan, the sisters tie the Rakhi on the wrist of the brothers, tilak them and take their vows to protect them.

However, the prevalence of Raksha Bandhan is much more than that. Binding of Rakhi is not just the work between the brothers and sisters. Rakhi is also being built for the protection of the country, protecting the environment, protecting interests, etc. In many places, people tie rakhi to the plants and swear to protect the environment.

Historical Significance

Rani Karnawati and Emperor Humayun

The story of Queen Karnavati and Emperor Humayun is the most important piece of evidence in history. During the medieval era, Rajputs were fighting with the Muslim invasions. At that time Rakhi means spiritual bondage and the security of sisters was the most important. When Queen Karnavati realized she can’t defend, then she sent Rakhi to Emperor Humayun. The Emperor touched by the gesture of queen Karnavati and send his soldiers without being wasted at any time.

Lord Krishna and Draupadi

To protect the good people, Lord Krishna killed Shishu Pala. During the war, Krishna was hurt and left with a bleeding finger. Seeing this, Draupadi cut a piece of cloth from her sari and tied it on his wrist to prevent bleeding. Lord Krishna, feeling his concern and anxiety about him, declared himself bound by his sister’s love. He promised to repay this love whenever he needed it in the future. After many years, when the Pandavas lost Draupadi in the game of dice and Kaurav was removing her sari, Krishna helped him to isolate the sari so that he could not remove it.

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